Regional Volunteers Continue Relief Efforts

We have deployed 94 volunteers regionally in support of Superstorm Sandy relief efforts on the east coast. Below is an update from an AmeriCorps member out of the Bremerton office (pictured above, at center.) Best of luck to all of our hardworking volunteers!

“Over the past two weeks, I’ve been at three shelters across NY. This deployment has been a great learning experience for me. Although at times it can be very challenging, I feel so grateful for the chance I’ve had to come across the country to serve so many people that have been displaced by Hurricane Sandy. I’ve spent some time with many compassionate, generous people–fellow Red Cross volunteers, community members, and clients. Seeing hundreds of people displaced, especially during the holidays, has been heart-wrenching. Although shelter numbers have dropped over recent days, many people are still without their homes. I will see you all in a couple of weeks!” — Courtney Smurdon, AmeriCorps volunteer

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