SAF Expands Volunteer Program

With the recent decrease of troops in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, the Service to the Armed Forces department has seen less of a demand for emergency communication messages as our service members return home. This has allowed them more time to seek other opportunities for serving our Veteran community through new outreach programs and a new partnership with the VA.

This month, the department started a new volunteer program at the American Lake VA in Lakewood, WA. At this facility, volunteers will assist outpatient and resident Veterans with transportation and directions to and from their appointments. Volunteers will also assist with recreation therapy and service projects. There are more than 400 positions for the volunteers to choose from and each one will be helping a Veteran’s VA Hospital experience run more smoothly. Volunteers will be starting their positions this month and many more in the coming months as they are cleared and placed by the VA. This is a huge step for expanding our services in SAF to include a group we had previously not had a chance to serve.

Above, a group of Red Cross nurses from Western Washington who volunteered their time during World War II. From past to present, we love all of our volunteers!

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