Red Cross Helps Responds to Massive Wildfires in Central WA - July 2014
The November 17 windstorm crippled eastern Washington communities with extensive damage and power outages. Red Cross teams rapidly mobilized meals, shelter and other support services in the aftermath of the weather emergency.
An update from Megan Snow, Executive Director Red Cross serving the Greater Inland Northwest.

As you know the magnitude of the November 17 wind storm, the resulting damage and the impact on our community took us all by surprise. Yet our volunteers and staff were prepared to respond and our team focused on the task at hand, rallied our partners and got to work to provide help when the power went out and homes were without heat.
In three days, we opened five emergency shelters in Cheney, Spokane, Spokane Valley, Pullman and Coeur d’Alene. The areas without power and in need of sheltering services were extensive and widespread, yet we successfully covered considerable ground.
I am always impressed by our organization’s ability to mobilize when we are needed most and this week’s disaster is no exception. We have key volunteers who have assumed lead positions during our response; many of whom were personally affected by the storm. While our shelters may not have had  high overnight populations, we provided anyone who needed it with a place to seek warmth, meals, support and electricity to charge their mobile devices and laptops.
UPDATED 11-25-15 4 P.M. 
  • People who cannot stay in their homes can call a Red Cross caseworker 509-714-3313. 
We continue to monitor the situation and I’m proud of the many volunteers that have done such outstanding work in our community. Thank you for your continued support.
Megan Snow
Executive Director, Red Cross Serving the Greater Inland Northwest

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