By: Kristen Vodek

The King County Chapter Office hosted an internal job fair February 16 to provide volunteers, family, and friends the opportunity to learn more about projects and programs within the Red Cross.  Volunteers chatted with representatives from each line of service and learned about new initiatives.

“We thought that this would be a great way to allow volunteers to branch out with new opportunities, and inspire current volunteers to engage more frequently,” explained Michelle Winters, Senior Volunteer Specialist.

The event was well attended, with guests exploring the work of International Services, Disaster Cycle Services, Communications, Volunteer Services, Service to the Armed Forces, Blood Services, asking lots of questions along the way. Senior Operations Assistant Vicky Tom observed that,  “Several board members stopped by to learn more about our active programs.”

As each volunteer journeyed through the room, their “passport” was filled and entered into a drawing for prizes.  A $50 gift card to Trophy Cupcakes, a $50 gift card to Beardslee Public House, and a $100 gift card to NYP Bar & Grill went home with three lucky winners who also left with renewed appreciation for our organization.

“The event went well and we received a lot of positive feedback from volunteers who were excited to have learned about new opportunities,” said Winters.  As a result of the event, Volunteer Services received new inquiries from family members who were looking forward to getting involved with the American Red Cross.

For more information about becoming a volunteer, go to:

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