kailaMy name is Kaila Brownlee and I am a Red Cross Volunteer in Wenatchee, Washington.  I started my journey with Red Cross when I was just 16 years old.

I was active in Key Club, a high school program that focused on community service and highly drawn to local disaster relief.

The Wenatchee Valley deals with high wildland fire activity every summer. Evacuations shelters are a frequent need and I felt fortunate to be able to help.

The experience inspired me to obtain my EMT and join a wildland engine company. Now I volunteer as much as I can despite being a busy mom of 4, a licensed phlebotomist, and working for a foreign exchange program.

I have always operated under the philosophy “If it is important to you, you will find the time.”

In October of 2016, I saw a Red Cross email asking for volunteers to deploy to hurricane Matthew.  My kids were in school and I felt a need to serve others. It was a whirlwind and experience. We worked long hours, gained a new appreciation of what community and family are and made the most amazing friendships. Our team worked hard and diligently, always striving to serve others even when we were exhausted.

When I returned back to Wenatchee, I joined the DAT (Disaster Action Team) team as a captain. I have trained for the health services team and recently have become a Certified instructor for CPR/First aid.

In November of this year, I was able to travel to Belize with a Medical Mission team and work closely with the Red Cross there. I was even able to co-teach a CPR class with an instructor from the local chapter.

The Red Cross has provided me with experiences and opportunities most people only dream about.  I have been able to travel, experience, and truly love communities and people from all over.  

Life is crazy but it is certainly beautiful as well!  😊

Find time in your life to give back to your community.

Join the Red Cross today!




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