I came to the Red Cross looking for an opportunity to contribute back to my community and help vulnerable people who are in need of immediate assistance.

Volunteering with the Red Cross as a Disaster Action Team Lead complements my day job with King County Emergency Medical Services. Both opportunities are dedicated to serving the community in times of need, and both have allowed me to do my part in helping people in different ways.

STA Fire responseWhen I first started with KCEMS I wanted to do more on the immediate front, but was limited in my abilities to do so because I was not an EMT/Firefighter. The Red Cross has allowed me to help individuals and families who are displaced after a disaster, and has been extremely rewarding in that sense.

The commitment is fairly low: one week (nights and weekend) of being on call every six weeks – which flies by when you have a great team to work with!

I’m glad to contribute to the Red Cross by serving as a DAT Lead. This role allows me to coordinate new volunteers, to train and show them the road to becoming disaster responders. Also, I can spread the word of various amazing volunteer opportunities from the local level to mass responses to disasters at the state and national level for the American Red Cross.

Volunteering with the Red Cross might complement your day job too!

Find out. Join us at:


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