Charlie3I volunteer with the Red Cross as part of a journey I started as a young boy living in Nigeria. The Red Cross has always stood out for me because of how far they go to assist people in need, from a small apartment fire to a war zone.

I have been volunteering since June of 2017. Since Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, I have worked in the Seattle office deploying volunteers to all the hurricanes from Harvey to Irma and beyond. I stepped into the office not having any clue on how to deploy people but with great supervision from my supervisor, I quickly learned the ropes.

I recently graduated from Central Washington University in Lynnwood, WA with a degree in Law and Justice. I am looking forward to furthering my education in law school.  Currently, I work as a Campus Safety Officer at the University of Washington Medical Center.

I enjoy hikes to waterfalls, especially at the beginning of the summer. I love the heavy waterfalls from the melting snow of nearby mountains.

Over the past few years, I have traveled to two countries that shaped the way I think about life.

In 2014, I traveled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates and was honored to see how people are working to survive. I came back with a different mindset about life.

Charlie1Last summer, I spent a week in Athens, Greece, where I explored historic sites and the birthplace of democracy.

Traveling and hiking ignite a fiery spirit in me. One day I would like to work overseas. I also play soccer and attend plays and live music.

I recommend other young people join the Red Cross because of how well organized the Red Cross is. Also, they can fulfill their dreams of helping those in need locally and nationally.

I continue to volunteer because I enjoy seeing people have their needs met. Also, I like that I am able to follow up with clients to see how they are coping post disaster. Volunteering gives me a good reason to live.

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