I first became an active Red Cross volunteer when I moved to Seattle in September of 2012 to be the Communications AmeriCorps member at the Seattle office. From teaching preparedness in local schools and setting up cots in shelters, to responding via social media when the need arose – I dove headfirst into the role of an American Red Cross volunteer.

Roughly one year later, I so loved the experience that I found myself employed as a full-time communications manager with the chapter.

That position confirmed my desire to stay involved with the chapter, even now that I’m back in school for a graduate degree.  Today I do as much as I can with the communications team. I volunteer as the PIO or PA Admin on call, or sometimes as a social media contributor… whatever is needed!

rachelI love the Red Cross and I truly think that the communications team here in Seattle (Betsy and Colin) do a fabulous job of continuing to reach out to volunteers, keep them engaged with fun activities, and making us all feel valued.

I hope to continue my involvement with the Red Cross communications team in the future. Including (hopefully one day) deploying on behalf of the chapter to support communications activities in a disaster area. Whether that’s close to home in Eastern Washington, or somewhere farther away.


Join Rachel, Colin and Betsy on the Comms team!ARC_Logo_Bttn_Vert_RGB

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