By Mark Walker

Jennifer Astion, Northwest Region Communications Department Recognition and Appreciation Lead

The Northwest Region Communications team is launching an effort to bring greater recognition to the volunteers who do so much to support regional storytelling – all of you!

Spearheading the effort is Jennifer Astion, an 18 month volunteer with the Comms Team who recently accepted the post of Department Recognition and Appreciation lead.

“I will be calling volunteers to get to know them better. I also want to plan get-togethers in the north and the south end so volunteers who work remotely can meet in person,” said Astion.

The volunteer job includes promoting department recognition programs, and developing informal and formal volunteer recognition and appreciation events.

She will also work to promote a supportive culture that reinforces the importance of volunteer appreciation on a daily basis.

Astion, a Seattle resident raising two daughters with her husband, said being a Red Cross has been rewarding.

“I am inspired by the commitment of Red Cross volunteers and am excited to recognize their work,” she said.

She plans to introduce herself around the region and listen to what officials and volunteers perceive as meaningful and worthwhile recognition.

We’re thrilled to have members on our team stepping into leadership roles,” said Colin Downey, regional communications director. “The combination of Jen working on Recognition and Appreciation, and Don (Robertson) working on Volunteer Engagement sets a terrific example for the organization. I can’t wait to see what the future brings!”

When your phone rings and it’s Jen Astion calling, be sure to pick up! 

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