Alyssa Higgs, Red Cross Northwest Region volunteer

I was originally drawn to the Red Cross while applying to medical school. I was looking for a well known and established organization to volunteer with and give my application a boost.

Three years later I feel like I am part of a community that has a real passion for helping others. We make mistakes and we don’t get everything right the first time but we never stop trying. 

My volunteer position is with the King County Workforce Engagement Team. Our basic role is to place, train, and promote volunteers within our local disaster program.

The work can be challenging but comes with great satisfaction, I know that what I’m doing is making a tangible difference in someone’s life.

In 2018, Alyssa was recognized as a Red Cross Hero for her Commitment to Community. You can see more about her and the contributions she’s made at this YouTube link: ALYSSA HIGGS  

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