World Poetry Day – March 21, 2020
By Linda Reid, American Red Cross Volunteer – Wenatchee, WA

We train, we prepare, we meet, we serve,
We answer the calls as our clients deserve.
We never quite know as we walk out the door
Who we will meet, or exactly what for.
Our role is “assistance” and just so you know
We look for the ways to say “yes” and not “no.”

Please be aware that whatever you face
Someone from Red Cross will find you a place
To shelter, or eat, to meet all your needs,
To care and to listen, that’s guaranteed!
We are there for support, and we come bringing hope.
You can count on us…to help you cope.

You’ll find us at blood drives and also at fires,
You’ll find us at shelters, for free, not for hire!
We serve where we live, and we serve on the go.
Disasters of all kinds are our specialties, so….
Look for our logo when disasters are near.
We’re standing by you any time of the year.

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