I started volunteering with the American Red Cross because I was looking to gain experience working in the marketing and communications field. The role provided me with various types of tasks that I could do in marketing and communications. I was able to participate in Missing Maps events and contribute posts to regional social media accounts.

I was inspired to volunteer for the Red Cross because they are committed to helping people wade through the challenges of various problems, from earthquakes to home fires and more. They also strive to provide people with tips that they can use to stay safe in an emergency, and technology to keep them up to date with the latest situations to hit their area.

Today I support the mission by helping the Red Cross record volunteer hours by the communications team. I have also helped update the communications team about various Red Cross regional news events in weekly digest e-mail messages.

The work makes me feel like a valuable communications team member and that my efforts brings a positive impact to my colleagues and the communities that I serve. 

I know my work matters to the Red Cross and its mission of informing people about what they can do to stay safe.

You can volunteer too! Find the team you want to support, visit: RedCross.org

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