By Jennifer Astion 

Siri Bhatt is a virtual presenter for the Home Fire Campaign in Disaster Cycle Services. “I educate and inform local residents through virtual calls about home fire safety, how to prepare a home fire escape plan, and what to do when there is an earthquake,” she explained. 

To schedule a Home Fire Education call, go to:

Siri appreciates how easy it was to start volunteering with the Red Cross. “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I found it difficult to find volunteer opportunities, but I was surprised by the many virtual volunteering opportunities the Red Cross provided to community members,” she said.  

After submitting a volunteer application, Siri was able to start making presentations quickly. “I only had to complete one training to get started,” she explained. 

Siri grew up in the Pacific Northwest and currently lives with her family in Newcastle, WA. What has helped her get through the pandemic? “I love spending time with my family, going outside, and practicing yoga,” she said. 

She recently graduated from University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health-Global Health and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Her career goal is to become a physician assistant (PA). “As an aspiring healthcare provider, having a background in disaster education and preparedness is beneficial for me to keep people safe during emergencies,” she said. 

Siri recommends the experience of volunteering with the Red Cross. “Being involved with a non-profit organization has been one of my goals for a long time, and I value the Red Cross mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering during emergencies,” she explained. “I would encourage others to give back to the Red Cross because without the support of community members, the Red Cross cannot fulfill its mission of providing humanitarian relief and aid to communities in need.”   

Join us as a Red Cross volunteer. A wide variety of positions are available. Go to: to learn more.

American Red Cross Northwest Region

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