By Jennifer Astion

The Mental Health Corner has become a regular component of the Red Cross Northwest Regions All Teams Huddle.

A representative from the Disaster Mental Health (DMH) Team addresses a topic of general interest to volunteers. “We have talked about the value of humor, how to make our social connections in the virtual world, resilience, research on happiness, reactions to look for in children,” explained Dan Mosley, a DMH Manager in the King County/NW Region of the Red Cross.

“The impetus for the Mental Health Corner came during the pandemic but the information shared Is not exclusively about the pandemic,” Mosley said. “We offer broad-based mental health guidance and suggestions.”

Disaster Mental Health volunteer, Dan Mosley

The DMH Team welcomes suggestions for topics. “We are looking for ideas and want to know what people would like to hear about,” said Mosley. If you have an idea for the Mental Health Corner, please email the DMH Team at

To learn more about the All Teams Huddle, please contact Regional Volunteer Services Officer, Katie Prettyman

American Red Cross Northwest Region

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