by Betsy Robertson

Theresa Scott was one of the first people in White Salmon, Washington to get the COVID-19 vaccine. She volunteered at a clinic with the North Shore Medical Group, where they were able to safely provide additional vaccines to first responders, senior and immuno-compromised members of her community.

The pandemic is what inspired Theresa to start donating blood. She kept hearing about the need for blood in New York and Seattle hospitals, when COVID cases were on a rapid rise.

“I’ve benefited from another donor’s blood. Strangers gave to me, so I just want to give back.”

Theresa Scott, Red Cross blood donor

She was able to compare the COVID-19 antibody testing that was done on her blood before and after the vaccine. Antibodies that weren’t present before, were detected after.

Theresa already knows how important blood products are to patients in need, now she hopes future donations will have even greater impact. And she hopes others will consider sharing the gift of their blood as well.

“If you are a good candidate for blood donation or platelet donation – consider the advantages of just doing something good for someone else,” she says.  

Do you know someone with cancer? Someone who is pregnant? Someone with sickle cell disease? Then you know someone who may need blood. Every day, someone in our community may need blood. Don’t wait until an emergency happens – give now:

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