Michelle Mallet is a Red Cross volunteer from Seattle, WA

I volunteer in two ways for the American Red Cross Northwest Region. As a shelter worker in times of emergency, and also as a Youth Preparedness Presenter.

I believe preparing kids for possible scenarios fosters a sense of resilience and self-assured strength. Knowing what to do in an emergency and how to prepare for it is integral to keeping a cool head and helping others when things go sideways.

Kids always come up with the wildest questions which also make me reassess my outlook and how to prepare myself even more. It’s a real give and take every time, and I am delighted to give each presentation because I know I’ll be learning things too.  

I’ve always been interested in disaster prep, even as a kid myself, and Pillowcase (and Pedro) are great programs.  

Learn more about Youth Preparedness Programs:

  • Pillowcase Project – a preparedness education program for grades 3-5 that teaches students about personal and family preparedness and safety skills, local hazards, and basic coping skills.
  • Prepare with Pedro – a 30 to 45 minute preparedness education program for grades K-2 that teaches students how to BE PREPARED and TAKE ACTION for either home fires or a local hazard. 

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