Thinking about donating blood? Here’s what Arlington, WA resident Naomi Glover had to say after a recent experience.

What motivated you to donate blood?
“My mom. Just seeing how excited she was when she would come home after donating was inspiring.”

What advice would you give other potential donors?
“Just Do It. It seems like such a small thing to do and you might think oh it won’t make a difference if I give or not but it really does! Of the two times that I have given so far, each time the nurses were so kind and always made sure I was comfortable. I appreciated that so much! The first time I was so nervous, but I pushed past the nerves and was courageous and I am so happy and proud of myself that I did.”

The American Red Cross must collect enough blood every day to meet the needs of accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients, and those receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer or sickle cell disease.

The need for blood is constant. Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. A single blood donation can help save more than one life.

Eligible individuals are encouraged to schedule a blood or platelet donation appointment by using the Red Cross Blood Donor app, visiting or calling 800-RED-CROSS (800-733-2767).

4 thoughts on “Why I donate blood: Naomi Glover

  1. It is such a joy to see such an inspiring young lady see the benefits of giving 15 minutes of her day to help someone else. I may be a bit biased being that she is my daughter, but she still inspires me. Going for a hat trick in her donation record. You can do it!

  2. This is a great humanitarian act that directly impacts and improves the lives of others..job well done for thinking about someone else other than yourself.

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