By: Charvee Sharma

The power to save hundreds of lives lies with those who choose to go the extra mile and make a difference. Susannah Gillespie, a high school student from Camas High School in SW Washington, is one such champion. She donned a leadership hat to help support the critical need for blood. 

As part of the American Red Cross Leaders Save Lives program, Susannah helped collect 29 pints of blood at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Prune Hill Building, Camas, Washington. 

Susannah has been a part of the Red Cross mission since the onset of the pandemic, when she signed up as a teen volunteer to support and assist the Biomed staff during blood drives. Then in 2022, she hosted her own Red Cross blood drive during summer break. As a result of her efforts, Susannah was chosen as one of ten winners of the Leaders Save Lives Program, earning a $1000 scholarship.  

Reflecting on her learnings as a blood drive host, Susannah said “I gained knowledge of how much work it takes to run a blood drive, and I am immensely grateful to the Red Cross and all that they do!” 

Susannah is now a part of the remarkable club of youth across the United States who are helping save millions of lives with the American Red Cross.  The Leaders Save Lives Program encourages community-minded high school and college students to host blood drives during their school breaks. It provides students an opportunity to gain valuable leadership skills and community service by recruiting classmates, friends, and family to donate blood.

The student who plans and hosts the blood drive is then eligible for a gift card valued up to $200 and is eligible to be entered to win a Red Cross scholarship if at least 25 pints of blood are donated. That’s the prize Susannah won!

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