When Every Second Counts

Home Fire Response New York  2017

by Gordon Williams

Visit just one fire scene, work your way through one burned-out dwelling, and you’ll understand why every second counts when a home catches fire.    Continue reading


Best Friends–Now Red Cross Teammates

By Sara Shager

Photos by Betsy Robertson1

American Red Cross volunteers Linda Strong and Betty Jackson have been associated with the  Greater Inland Northwest Chapter  in Wenatchee for three years this fall. “It’s so heartwarming to help the people who have just lived  through a disaster,” says Betty. “The volunteer work we do with the Red Cross  is so rewarding.” Continue reading

Sounding the Alarm for her Neighbors

By: Dale Steinke

Photos by: Betsy Robertson

Gretchen 1

If someone offered to put something in your house that might save your family’s life at some point over the next 10 years… and do it for free, would you take advantage of it?

When Gretchen Atkinson, chairman of Shoreline’s Meridian Park Neighborhood Association, learned about how people could get free smoke alarms installed through the American Red Cross Home Fire Campaign, she took it upon herself to make sure people in her community had a chance to sign up. Continue reading

Sounding the (Silent) Alarm

By: Diane Toomey

Edited by: Nancy Waddell

CarolWarnerw_alarmSeven times a day someone in this country dies in a home fire, most often occurring in homes that lack working smoke alarms. A smoke alarm almost doubles your chance of surviving a home fire, one of the most common disasters in the U.S.

As part of our Sound the Alarm. Save a Life campaign, the American Red Cross is actively recruiting volunteers to install smoke alarms in high-risk neighborhoods throughout the Northwest Region and across the United States. Continue reading

News You Can Use to Keep Pets Healthy

By Gordon Williams

Photos by: Jen Blackwood

dog collage

We certainly love our pets: How else to explain why Americans own an estimated 78 million dogs and 86 million cats.

Because you do love your pets, and want to keep them healthy and happy, you should know about two recent news items dealing with animal health. Continue reading

Building a Radio System to Keep the Red Cross in Touch

By Gordon Williams

IMG_0877.1When disaster strikes, nothing is more important to keeping all responders functioning as a team than solid, dependable radio communications. When disaster threatens to disrupt conventional means of communication as cell phones and landlines–as a Cascadia event might do–the need for a high-quality radio network becomes downright critical. Continue reading