Red Cross teams of disaster health professionals and other support staff are visiting areas in need. By Maggie Buckenmayer

mbuckenmayer_2015_Wenatchee_Antoine Valley-113mbuckenmayer_2015_Wenatchee_Antoine Valley-115

The American Red Cross is working hard to support the areas affected by the Washington wildfires with teams of Red Cross workers touring neighborhoods and finding those in need.

While checking on residents in the Antoine Valley, one team including disaster health and disaster mental health professionals arrived at the property where Victor Gomez and his family lived.  In offering the Gomez family comfort kits, water, snacks and other items as well as health care and mental health services, our team learned about Victor’s situation.

Victor related as the wildfires moved toward his property he wanted to save his neighbor’s home as well as his own. The sheriff came to the valley trying to get the residents to evacuate. Victor stayed, his neighbors reluctantly left.  Victor battled the blaze with a tank truck and was able to save his neighbor’s home, but his own residence was destroyed.   Victor,  his wife, their son and daughter in law lost everything to the fire.

After meeting with the Red Cross team, Victor’s wife, Sandra stated, “Thank you Red Cross for helping us.  Our prayers are with you and all those affected by the fires.”

In addition to the Red Cross initial search and support visits, Red Cross case workers have been notified and will be working with Victor and his family in the coming days to provide further relief.


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