A Final Gift of Thanks

By: Dale Steinke


In 1944 during World War II, the United States military had just captured Guam when U.S. Naval Officer Daniel Gerard “Gerry” Woodward returned from training to find that his destroyer, the USS Hailey, had already left on a mission. Not knowing what to do, the American Red Cross staff found him housing and meals until they were able to reunite him with his ship.

It was a kindness he never forgot. It led to years of service with the Red Cross, including several years as the chairman of the blood donation program in Portland, OR. It also led to a final gift of thanks from his family’s estate. Continue reading

100 Year Anniversary of the American Red Cross WWI Army & Navy Relief Fund Drive in Seattle

by Amy McCray

1917 War Is Hell

In 1917, as the United States was sending troops to France to fight in World War I, President Woodrow Wilson called upon the American people to give generously in a spirit of patriotic sacrifice to support the nation in its war efforts.  He stated that, “by virtue of my authority as President of the United States and President of the Red Cross, I, Woodrow Wilson, do hereby proclaim the week ending June 25, 1917, as Red Cross Week.”  He created a War Council within the Red Cross, to meet the “extraordinary demands which the present war will make upon the services of the Red Cross both in the field and in civilian relief.”  Continue reading

BP Executive Q&A: Why do you support the American Red Cross?

Brady FRC photo_fb

Pam Brady, BP Government and Public Affairs

By: Annie Sorich

Our Northwest Washington chapter is gearing up for its 23rd Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser, to be held June 23 in Bellingham. The BP Cherry Point refinery, where I work as a Pricing Analyst, is the tournament’s presenting sponsor. It was actually through my work at BP that I became a Red Cross volunteer, when a local Red Cross representative visited the refinery during an open house to share the work they do in the Whatcom County community and beyond. The fact that BP supports fantastic organizations like the Red Cross and actively encourages its staff to get involved in our community has always made me proud to have them as my employer. I sat down with Pam Brady, who works in Government and Public Affairs at the BP Cherry Point Refinery, to find out more about BP’s motivation for supporting the Red Cross. Continue reading

Hospital Patients Rely on Lifesaving Blood Every Day – But How Does it Get There?

blood patient_fb

The American Red Cross supplies about 40 percent of our nation’s blood to hospitals where patients are in desperate need. Most of us are familiar with Red Cross blood drives, but the donation is just the beginning of the journey. Once it is tested and properly stored, we then have to deliver the donated blood, plasma or platelets to those who need it, when they need it. Our volunteer Biomedical Transportation Specialists provide this essential service. Continue reading

Hero Care Network – Helping Military Families in Need


By: Amy McCray

During the American Civil War, Clara Barton worked to bring supplies and supportive services to the soldiers in the field.  One of the services that she provided involved correspondence between those soldiers, their families, and friends back home.  By establishing the American Red Cross in 1881, Barton laid the foundation for one of the most important functions of The American Red Cross today—Service to Armed Forces and the Hero Care Network. Continue reading