20170708_183229I began volunteering with the American Red Cross in 2012 when my AmeriCorps team did a Hunger Drive.

I had always heard of it, but now had an opportunity to get to know what the Red Cross was really all about.

I started doing administrative odds & ends, and I got to ride in an ERV (Emergency Response Vehicle) for the Fathoms of Fun Parade in Port Orchard, WA.

What I heard from parade viewers as we passed by was so moving! Adults were telling kids what the Red Cross does and who they help. So many seemed to have a personal connection with the good things the Red Cross does.  Later, I became part of the First Aid Station Team and aided those in need at community events as well as sharing disaster prepared tips and information.

After AmeriCorps ended for me, I continued coming in the office on a weekly basis to help at the front desk until May 2015. Today I am a virtual assistant to the Volunteer Services team, enabling me to work remotely on my own schedule from my home in Silverdale, WA.

But I’ll never forget the memory of being in that parade so many years ago. It still brings me overwhelming joy, and is a reminder that no job or task is too small to make a difference.

Valerie is a wonderful example of how volunteering with the Red Cross evolves over time. Positions are available that fit multiple skills and schedules. Find your best fit and join our team!





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