Why I Volunteer: Tanya Puente


Humanitarian at Heart: 

At the age of 15 I went on my first humanitarian trip to Romania; followed by 5 more throughout high school and just after. I found that I had a true passion for humanitarian aid/disaster relief and wanted to  do more of it. Continue reading


Why I Volunteer: Melanie Cole


I initially came to the Red Cross in 2013 as an AmeriCorps member in South Puget Sound. Before then, I knew very little about the organization and how much impact it actually has on the communities it serves.

I fell in love with the idea that I could take part in helping people in need every day. I wasn’t stuck behind a desk, I was out in my community and I felt like I was truly giving back. Continue reading

Why I Volunteer: Jessie Rounsley

My name is Jessie Rounsley and I got started with the American Red Cross in May of 2016 as an intern in Sioux Falls, SD.

RED CrossI chose to get involved with the American Red Cross because I thought they had an amazing mission, and that it was an organization with which I could make an impact on other’s lives.

I really wanted to help people recover from disasters.  I wanted to lift people from some of the worst times in their lives to a place where they could focus on recovery and improvement. I believed that if you have the opportunity to improve just one person’s day or life then it is worth it. Continue reading

Why Samantha Harrison Volunteers

By Gordon Williams

SamanthaThe goal of the Red Cross Home Fire Campaign is to reduce deaths from fire by installing smoke alarms in homes and apartments that need them. Since the Red Cross obviously can’t install smoke alarms in every U.S. home, how does it determine where they should go?

Continue reading

What Drives Red Cross Volunteers to Help those in Need

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By Gordon Williams

Whether it’s aiding the victims of some far-off disaster or providing vital services to clients closer to home, the Red Cross relies on volunteers.

But what makes someone volunteer — giving their time and often more to help people who are likely total strangers? Volunteering at the Red Cross could mean driving just a few miles to a local office. But it could also mean flying thousands of miles to work under harsh conditions in an area wracked by storm or flood or wildfire. Continue reading