Gail3By Gordon Williams

Gail Fraser Chanpong of Port Ludlow, WA is an avid Red Cross volunteer in the Northwest Region’s Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas Chapter. She teaches first aid, CPR and preparedness and takes part in blood drives. When the Red Cross Sound the Alarm smoke alarm campaign kicks off next spring, she will be leading the initiative in Jefferson County. Continue reading




By Gordon Williams

For most Red Cross volunteers, deployment is an interlude in their life–a few weeks in a disaster zone, helping victims of storm or flood or wildfire. For volunteer Haya Khateeb of Wenatchee, WA, deployment in the wake of Hurricane Irma was an odyssey–lasting nearly six weeks and taking her from Wenatchee to Georgia to Puerto Rico to the Virgin Islands.   Continue reading

Answering the Call: New Exhibit Commemorates WWI at Red Cross National Headquarters

American Red Cross National Headquarters Building

January 29, 2013. Washington D.C. American Red Cross National Headquarters Building at 430 17th St. NW. Photo by Jeanette Ortiz-Osorio/American Red Cross

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the United States’ entrance into World War I and a time of phenomenal growth for the American Red Cross.

This exceptional time in Red Cross history defined and helped create the organization we know today. To commemorate this event, a new exhibit, entitled Answering the Call, the American Red Cross in World War I, is on view at the historic Red Cross National Headquarters building in Washington, DC.

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Young Philanthropist Works to Help Hurricane Victims 


Albert Lam (left) and a friend at Babson College’s Entrepreneurial Development Experience, Boston, MA, 2016

By Amy McCray

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, Albert Lam wanted to help those in need. He thought about how he could be supportive and came up with an idea: to set up a fund and sell pencils monogrammed with the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund name to raise money. He asked his parents, Hao and Lisa Lam, for their advice and they were very supportive. They funded the pencils and let Albert direct all of the proceeds to his relief fund.  Continue reading

Why Deployment Was Different for This Volunteer


By Gordon Williams


When Red Cross volunteer Mauri Shuler of Olympia, WA deployed to the California wildfires last month, she found much about the experience old and familiar but some of it new and challenging.


Flying into a disaster scene is nothing new for Mauri. She did it many times in her years as a broadcaster and producer for ABC and NBC. She spent seven years as a producer for NBC News, based in Burbank, CA and covering Central and South America.  “I went to all the war zones and disasters they could send me to,” she says. Among the disasters she covered was the 1985 Mexico City earthquake that killed at least 5,000 people.  Continue reading

Volunteer Returns to his Roots to Survey Harvey’s Damage


By Dale Steinke

Technology, including a new phone app, helped Walla Walla retiree William “Bill” Herrington and his fellow American Red Cross volunteers complete numerous home damage assessments and find their way around the Texas Gulf Coast to support Hurricane Harvey relief. Continue reading

Feeding Storm Victims in a Small Texas Town


By Gordon Williams

Pictures by Norman Bottenberg

Some Red Cross volunteers, now aiding hurricane victims in Texas or Florida, can date their first deployment to Superstorm Sandy in 2012. For others the first deployment was to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. For Norm Bottenberg, of Sammamish WA, the first deployment was the eruption of Mount St. Helen on May 18, 1980–more than 37 years ago. Continue reading