I decided to reach out to the American Red Cross because, given I am currently in my post-undergraduate gap years, it will be a great stepping stone on my journey to medical school.

Pursuing a career in medicine requires endurance.

Not only does it require passion and a knack for the material but, it takes a special kind of devotion that includes an extensive number of hours dedicated to preventing and alleviating human suffering.

I’ve worked in a community health center for underprivileged populations, traveled to Europe on behalf of a medical fellowship, and am currently devoting a year of service via AmeriCorps. With that said, volunteering, or community service, is a major part of AmeriCorps.

In my current position with the Spokane Service Team, I help build community through housing development and education.  I get to work with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Second Harvest.

While these are great opportunities, I also wanted volunteer experience within the field of health care, which led me to the American Red Cross’ Disaster Team.

My hope is that the American Red Cross will serve as a platform to further improve the skills I currently possess and learn new skills that will better prepare me for a future in the medical field. From the training I’ve already received to be a part of the Disaster Team, I’m certain the Red Cross is a step in the right direction.

The American Red Cross can be a great professional training ground!

Find out what volunteer positions will get support your career goals.




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