Jessica EnglishI came to the Red Cross after experiencing how close to home wildfires can hit and effect a community.

I wanted to be a part of the regrouping and rebuilding efforts and I loved what the Red Cross was doing on the front lines.

Sometimes first aid organizations get a bad rap for various things, but it’s easy to criticize without being part of the solution. By donating by time, I can see the positive impact this organization has on my own community in the Greater Inland Northwest. I like that there are so many volunteering efforts and tasks that can be done on your own time, which makes it easy to fit into my busy life.

In the future, I hope to be involved even more in the boots on the grounds efforts, especially in areas hit by natural disasters.

By volunteering with the Red Cross, you can become part of the solution following a disaster, whether it’s in your community or across the country. Join us today.


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