Craig_Krystal_PicI started volunteering with the American Red Cross two years ago during the Okanagan Wildfires. 

I was working with the Snohomish County Medical Reserve Corps, when they received a call asking for additional Red Cross volunteers. I responded immediately, and was on my way to Wenatchee the next day. 

I worked in a Red Cross shelter for one week in Brewster, WA and fell in love with Mass Care. Since then I have continued cross training between Red Cross and Medical Reserve Corps.

Last August I deployed to Hurricane Irma for two weeks, setting up an evacuation center before the hurricane hit, then helping to open additional shelters as needed across the Tampa Bay area. 

I am currently working on my Bachelors degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management at Pierce college, and am happy to say that the experiences I have gained with the Red Cross have put me ahead of my peers in this area. 

With my experience I earned a paid position managing a local cold weather shelter, which also earns me credit for an internship at school. 

The Red Cross is a great organization to work with because I am able to work around my own schedule and still utilize my knowledge and experience to benefit my community. I hope to have more future deployments, and am working my way up the ranks in Mass Care. I hope to one day bring my experiences and education to the EOC level and continue on in management.

Learn skills and gain experience that puts you ahead of your peers! Become a Red Cross volunteer today.


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