LauraMorganI was drawn to the Red Cross because of its long history. I grew up in South Florida, so the Red Cross was always in the background during hurricane season, it is a household name. I knew the Red Cross had a tangible impact and I wanted to be part of that.Today, I am part of the Red Cross network and part of a great workplace.

I currently work with the Red Cross in Spokane, WA as my AmeriCorps service assignment for 10 1/2 months until June 2018 – but I plan to stick with the Red Cross after that. First because I will be able to deploy to a disaster when there is a need; second because the Red Cross will be wherever I end up in the country; third because I’ve now met the 50+ year volunteers and I want to join their ranks!

LauraI am the Service to the Armed Forces AmeriCorps member, so I do mainly SAF work with a side of preparedness. I feel like I am making an impact with the work I do, briefing service members about what the Red Cross does so they know who to turn to for help. Now, I frequently hear from military service members about their experience with RC emergency communications or other support and how much that helped them when they needed it most.

I am proud and happy to be part of the Red Cross mission!

Join the ranks with Laura! Become a volunteer.


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