Crystal LeBeoufI am originally from Louisiana. After Hurricane Katrina, I was so impressed with the response of the organization, I decided to join the American Red Cross.

In 2007, an AmeriCorps opportunity opened up at Fort Knox, KY and I was able to stay in that position for 2 years. I loved every minute of it.

The various programs at different locations keep me interested.  I volunteered at Ft. Knox with their Helping Hands Program and helped initiate Red Cross youth members. In El Paso, Texas I taught disaster preparedness programs.

I spent 3 years in Stuttgart, Germany, working with the Garrison as the Disaster Services Lead.

Today I live in Tacoma where I am training to become part of the South Puget Sound Disaster Action Team.  My goal is to gain enough experience to lead disaster response classes.

I love the mission and vision of the Red Cross, and I always make a point of volunteering everywhere I live. At home or overseas, the Red Cross has made it possible everywhere I have lived so far.

What I get out of volunteering, is the sense of helping others.  Every response is a reminder to appreciate the blessings in my own life.


Become a Red Cross volunteer. Join us today!


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