Katie NyboOne of the most gratifying and fulfilling feelings is giving back, knowing you can make a difference in a time of need and help others put pieces back together following a tragic experience.

When I worked at Servpro Puyallup, it was my job to help people after a flood or home fire – but I’ll never forget one particular emergency response that happened after a home fire on St. Patrick’s Day.

My Servpro team responded to help the family, devastated by the loss of their home. We provided fencing to help keep looters out, and followed up the next day to find any salvageable material that could be restored.

During my walk-through, I noticed non-salvageable Easter baskets and decided that I, personally, wanted to replace them. It was a small, heartfelt gesture that conveyed sincerity in a time of need. I cannot describe the joy those Easter baskets brought. The smiles on their faces meant everything to me.

When the time came to start a new job, I knew I still wanted a way to serve others. A friend and colleague referred me to the Red Cross – that’s how my volunteer service began!

I love how everyone at the South Puget Sound Chapter works together as a team. If I ever need assistance or have questions as a volunteer, our leaders are always there to help, teach, and guide us to ensure a high level of service and response.

We all communicate and cover for each other if we need shift changes, so we can still live our crazy lives and spend time with our families while giving back. Not only do we care to help others, but the Red Cross cares to help us as well!

I am so grateful for the Red Cross and how volunteering gives me the opportunity to continue serving my community. There is no greater feeling than being there for someone trying to get their life back on track after a disaster. I get to experience their smiles of appreciation, while smiling deeply (myself) on the inside. It is indescribable and humbling.


Join the Red Cross!  Become a Volunteer.


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