I’m currently in the Navy and had been looking for a volunteer opportunity where my training could move with me, and the Red Cross was first and foremost on my mind. I am stationed at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island (NASWI) and am a part of the intelligence team that teaches other intelligence teams how to support their pilots for missions.

I have tried a variety of Red Cross volunteer opportunities. I have stood outside grocery stores with the Emergency Response Vehicle which holds essentials – such as water, snacks, blankets, and toys to comfort children – for responding to an emergency. I also volunteered at booths during events and represented the Red Cross during a few pre-deployment briefs for Naval personnel. Helping spread the word to fellow Sailors about the Red Cross app was a fine thing to do (at least in my mind!). No matter what I’m doing with the Red Cross, I enjoy it because I enjoy volunteering in general.

My personal experience with the Red Cross was when I was in a car accident and the Red Cross sent a message to my husband when he was deployed to Iraq. Before joining or understanding the military lifestyle, I still knew about the Red Cross even in the tiny little towns where I grew up on the west coast. One town I lived in had a devastating mud slide following a terrible storm (I was about 9 years old), and I remember the Red Cross signs and it felt like – hope.



The Red Cross is currently (always!) seeking volunteers to support our Service to the Armed Forces. Whether you’re in the military or would like to help us serve military members, veterans and their families, visit our website to see what opportunities exist in your area:  http://www.redcross.org/volunteer/become-a-volunteer

More information about our programs available HERE


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