By Mark Walker, volunteer

Beverly Walker, second from the right, stands with her Service to the Armed Forces teammates.

After a 25-year career as a Red Cross worker guiding services to the armed forces and their families, Bev Walker went from paid staffer to volunteer extraordinaire.

Walker, 71, still puts in several hours each week at the Everett Red Cross office, helping insure caseworkers are following Defense Department guidelines.

It’s a labor of love for her.

“I just find it very rewarding to help military veterans and their families,” she said. I really enjoy it.”

Bev Walker

Lead caseworkers help oversee emergency communications to military members across the globe and assign volunteer caseworkers to work directly with families to make them aware of the array of Red Cross services or referrals to other agencies when appropriate.

Washington state has 15 lead military casework volunteers, who last year oversaw 2,271 emergency calls and outreach and an additional 1,212 “critical commity” cases, according to Scott Armstrong, Regional Program Director for Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces.

Join us:

Service to the Armed Forces is always on the lookout for more volunteers who receive training in basic military structure and procedures, maintaining family information and responding to military members and their families.

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