By Diane Toomey

Sirithip (Anne) French is part of our Northwest Region Fiscal Review team. She volunteers remotely from her Redmond, WA home.

If you are looking for a volunteer experience that offers flexibility, a Fiscal Review volunteer may be worth exploring.  It was a great fit for Redmond, WA based volunteer Sirithip (Anne) French.

“I like volunteering with the Red Cross because of all nice people here. I would like to give back to the society and the Red Cross is always there for people whenever they need. A fiscal reviewer position that I am doing fits my schedule as I am working full time.”

Sirithip (Anne) French

Anne calls the work impactful and rewarding. She says the guidelines provide a clear road map for awarding assistance. 

So if you like working within clear standards and guidelines with an attention to detail, then a Fiscal Review volunteer might be of interest. 

These essential volunteers are part of a Fiscal Review team that divides up caseloads depending on demand. They are a key link in the service the Red Cross provides in a disaster response.

“Fiscal Reveiwers are important because they provide an additional layer of support to caseworkers and DAT (Disaster Action Team) members to ensure that our donor dollars are being used in accordance with doctrine and financials controls.”

Amanda Appel, Regional Direct Services Specialist

The work load would depend on your availability, generally 1-2 cases per week. The cases also vary depending on the type of assistance needed and incident involved.  For example, a large apartment fire may result in numerous requests for financial assistance, especially if there are multiple family members.

It can be done remotely and online, giving you the ability to volunteer anywhere and anytime.  Sound interesting? Join our Fiscal Review team as a volunteer!

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