Dan Templeman, Darren Redick and current Board Chair, Rob Muszkiewicz, practice safe social distancing while saying goodbye and thank you for their years of Red Cross service

By Kristin Alexander 

The Red Cross Northwest Washington Chapter board’s final meeting of the fiscal year was a literal, virtual success. Current and former board members and executive directors turned out online en masse to honor outgoing board members which included Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman and Darren Redick, executive director of operations at Providence Regional Medical Center. The two men stepped down from their board positions after nine years of service. 

Templeman said he was drawn to serve on the board after witnessing the Red Cross in action. He was assistant commander of the Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response Team (SMART) in 2008 when officers responded to a shooting in the rural town of Alger that resulted in several deaths, including a Skagit County Sheriff’s deputy. 

“We were there for five days. The Red Cross was there and provided coffee, snacks and warm food for all the investigators. I thought that was impressive,” Templeman said.

“I knew this was an organization I wanted to be a part of.” 

Dan Templeman, NW Washington Board Member

Redick joined the board close to the same time as Templeman. He said the Red Cross’s mission closely aligns to that of Providence Regional Medical Center, in that both are focused on serving vulnerable populations. 

“It really kind of spoke to me and that what’s got me hooked on the Red Cross,” Redick said. 

Like Templeman, Redick has seen the Red Cross in action. During a fatal high school shooting in Marysville in 2014, victims were taken to the hospital. The Red Cross provided food vouchers for families who were with their loved ones. 

“Just simple little things show you how the Red Cross can reach the community in different ways to ease their way as they’re going through a tragedy. You see it played out over and over and over again, and it’s something pretty special,” he said. “The organization is so experienced with dealing with different situations and tragedies, they have a deeper understanding of what support really looks like.” 

Rob Muszkiewicz, Kelli Thode, Darren Redick, Kelly Sunagel and Dan Tampleman, June 2020

For Templeman and Redick, service to the Red Cross extended beyond their board duties. Both participated in the Sound The Alarm campaign, installing fire alarms at homes.  

“I knew about disaster response. I knew about the blood donations. The Sound The Alarm campaign has been a newer branch. I’ve just continued over the years to become more impressed with the people, the volunteers and the work that is being done by the Red Cross,” he said. 

“I got a lot back out of the Red Cross,” Redick said. Redick advises anyone considering becoming a board member to attend Red Cross volunteer events. 

“Sit at the table with other volunteers and hear their stories and understand a little bit more about what they do and the sacrifices they make. I think that will really give you a better understanding about the reach and breadth of the support that the Red Cross gives in the community,” he said. 

Chapter Executive Director Kelli Thode is grateful for all that Redick and Templeman have done for the Red Cross and the community. 

“It just blows me away that there are these people in these high-level positions that have time to serve. I feel it shows a lot about their character and what’s important to them.” 

Kelli Thode, Northwest Washington Chapter Executive Director

Thank you Dan and Derrick, and the many individuals serving as board members throughout the Northwest Region.

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