Daisy Abreu is a Red Cross volunteer, based in Puyallup, WA

I became a Red Cross volunteer because I wanted the opportunity to serve my community in the face of disasters.  

I have worked in Community Mental Health all my professional life and using my skills with the Red Cross felt like the perfect place to volunteer.  

I believe in volunteering; it is close to my heart. 

I currently serve as a Disaster Mental Health volunteer, being with survivors in their time of need, offering hope and assurance. 

At the time of a disaster, I try to provide survivors a safe space to grieve and talk about how they feel. I help take care of basic necessities like food, clothing and a place to stay until they recover. Later, I follow up to check how they are doing, ask if they are eating and sleeping well. And if required, I try to connect them with a local therapist. 

Having the honor of holding a safe space for those going through loss and grief, providing emotional support and hope to survivors is most rewarding to me. 

Join us! RedCross.org/volunteertoday

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