Mental Health and the Holidays: Tips for Navigating the Busyness and Staying Mindful

By Olivia Bayuk RN, American Red Cross Volunteer As I look out my window in Post Falls, Idaho, at the snow slowly piling up on trees and roadways, I realize, with a start, that we have once again reached that time of year -- the time of snow, sledding, decorations, presents, family, and travel. For many people, it is a joyous season, as they look forward to the colors, the music, the anticipation of Christmas morning, and the promise of visits from acquaintances old and new. 

A sad goodbye to Red Cross icon Kevin Kopp

  By Gordon Williams Responding to life-threatening disasters, as American Red Cross workers do, builds tightly-knit teams that come to resemble families. When a member of such a team dies, all team members feel a sense of wrenching loss.  Red Cross workers throughout the Pacific Northwest are experiencing such a loss now, following the death of … Continue reading A sad goodbye to Red Cross icon Kevin Kopp

Why I donate blood: Kathleen Lappe

Kathleen Lappe's brother was only eight years old when he was diagnosed with a staph infection and as a result had to go undergo several major operations. This harrowing experience of watching her baby brother spend many weeks in the hospital to get blood transfusions became Kathleen's motivation to becoming a blood donor.