Why I Volunteer: Jessie Rounsley

My name is Jessie Rounsley and I got started with the American Red Cross in May of 2016 as an intern in Sioux Falls, SD.

RED CrossI chose to get involved with the American Red Cross because I thought they had an amazing mission, and that it was an organization with which I could make an impact on other’s lives.

I really wanted to help people recover from disasters.  I wanted to lift people from some of the worst times in their lives to a place where they could focus on recovery and improvement. I believed that if you have the opportunity to improve just one person’s day or life then it is worth it. Continue reading


Edmonds Students help Red Cross “Save-a-Life”

Edmonds CC3

William Slaughter, Vyvy Mai and William Ebanks

By: Nashika Stanbro
Edited by: Nancy Waddell

On April 14, the American Red Cross joined forces with Premera Blue Cross to provide free, life-saving hands-only CPR training.

The event took place on the Edmonds Community College campus, where Red Cross volunteers received a helping hand from several enthusiastic student volunteers. Continue reading

The Evolution of Red Crosser Kelli Thode

Kelli Thode

By: Anna Hiatt

Edited by: Nancy Waddell

Photos by: Nashika Stanbro


As the Disaster Action Team (DAT) Coordinator for the Red Cross Serving Snohomish County, volunteer Kelli Thode has first-hand knowledge of the motto “Sleeves up, hearts open, all in!” Continue reading