Our Community, Neighborhood and Organizational Preparedness educators launched their annual webinar series on January 8. Each month, the team covers a new preparedness topic via webcast to better prepare interested businesses, communities and individuals for disaster. Webinar topics range from building your disaster kit to winter weather safety.

The team gives  in-person presentations about disaster preparedness to community groups, businesses and neighborhoods all over Western Washington free of charge. The webinar platform allows the team to tailor their presentations to a specific aspect of preparedness and reach a wide group of people at once. The webinars are recorded, which allows interested individuals to watch as they wish.

Allison DeDonato (left) and Sarah Finley get ready for January's webinar. The topic - Disaster Preparedness for Seniors.
Allison DeDonato (left) and Sarah Finley get ready for January’s webinar. The topic – Disaster Preparedness for Seniors.

“The webinar series gives people a different forum to interact with us,” said Allison DeDonato, Community Preparedness Educator. “It feels personal because they get to ‘chat’ and ask us the what-if questions they can’t ask in a general preparedness presentation.”

The 20 minute webinar platform also allows the team to hit a lot of important information in a short amount of time. They focus on the main points of the topic so the audience comes away with a clear understanding of the topic and tangible action items to help them get better prepared.

“We’re here to help,” said Sarah Finley, Workplace Preparedness Educator. “Join us!”

The 2014 Webinar Series Schedule:

  • February 12 – Emergency Communication Plans
  • March 12 – Hazard Hunt for Work and Home
  • April 9 – Earthquake Preparedness
  • May 14 – Building Your Disaster Kit
  • June 11 – Summer Safety
  • July 9 – Limited Mobility Preparedness
  • August 13 – Map Your Neighborhood
  • September 10 – Water & Medication Storage Safety
  • October 8 – Designing an Earthquake Drill
  • November 12 – Winter Weather
  • December 10 – Travel Safety

All webinars begin at 10:30am, PST. Visit safeinthesound.org to register!

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