By Kristi Sanders

Photos by: Lucia Scordamaglia


As an AmeriCorps member of the American Red Cross, my role is focused primarily on teaching kids and adults about Disaster and Home Fire Preparedness. So when presented with an invitation to participate in the annual King County Fire & Life Safety Association’s Kids Safety Day, my answer was an enthusiastic, yes!ksd.2

Once a booth was secured for June 30 at the Museum of Flight, imagination went to work.  With the help of fellow AmeriCorps teammates, Hannah Knowles, Ellie Huizenga, Maggie Shepherd and Lucia Scordiamaglia, we painted a cardboard house that showcased what fire hazards kids should be aware of. The display also provided a backdrop for discussing home fire escape plans.



Our youth preparedness coordinators, Maggie and Ellie, created an activity where kids could practice choosing items for their disaster kits. Lucia, our adult preparedness coordinator took charge of the disaster trivia wheel, engaging parents with our preparedness kit and disaster guides.



It was a huge success. On the day of the event, we found ourselves lost in in a sea of kids excited to learn (and get their safety passport stickers).

The highlight of my day was the quick couple of minutes spent with my cousin and her three children from Snohomish County. The knowledge I’ve gained through the American Red Cross, and shared with their family, had inspired the kids to learn everything they could about about disaster preparedness and first aid. Having them come to the safety fair was the cherry on top of a very successful day.

“Such a fun day full of safety tips, kids…and Dalmatians!” Ellie said of her time working the booth.

Parents and kids alike were engaged and took home a lot of lifesaving information. I hope that next year’s AmeriCorps will be able to build off our connections and create an even better booth to reach even more families!


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