rileyMy name is Riley Campbell and I am a Red Cross Volunteer in Seattle, Washington.

I was first introduced to the Red Cross while I was abroad in Kenya, studying for Nursing school.

The Red Cross taught me skills that nursing school just couldn’t possibly teach in a text book.

Once I returned to Washington I decided to officially become a volunteer with the Seattle Red Cross Chapter. Wildfire season had just begun. I worked quickly to get the training done and headed out the door to help in Eastern Washington. After that first experience I was hooked.

I was unable to go to Texas when Hurricane Harvey hit, but the Red Cross quickly found another option for me. I helped run the call center from my home.

I helped people who were stranded in Texas get the help that they need. If that was emergency rescue or finding a shelter near-by that could give them a safe place to sleep.

The Red Cross has so many opportunities to volunteer that they make it easy to fit in to my busy life style.

Become a volunteer with the American Red Cross




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