Joe HardieI initially reached out to the Red Cross because I wanted to give blood. But as I looked into their service opportunities, I found there were other ways to help that I hadn’t considered.

I currently volunteer on Disaster Action Team (DAT) 6. We’re on call nights and weekends every sixth week. If there’s a disaster — fire, flood, mud slide, we’re the second responders that help people find housing and quick resources to get through to the next day.

Even though it makes your schedule a bit unpredictable, being a friendly face in someone’s time of need is an awesome feeling. It provides a human connection with people in King County and makes me feel like I’m part of a community.

Joe HI am a proud Red Cross volunteer because I see the good I’m able to do for people.

Service is now a core part of my life. I think the DAT program is a good fit because it establishes a routine for me around when and how I serve others.

It also matches me to a team of like-minded volunteers that have been great mentors. The Red Cross has been doing this for years so they have a network and processes in place to help others — they just need people looking to make an impact.

Be like Joe.

Make an impact in your community by volunteering today!


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