Karene SQI knew all about the Red Cross and what it stood for, long before arriving in the United States. I believe the Red Cross is one of the best volunteer groups to be part of.
I love giving back to my community and helping others in need. It makes me feel happy inside to know I’m making a difference in their lives.
The wonderful people I work with and volunteer with keep me coming back. I tell everyone I meet that they should join the Red Cross too!
I am currently a member of the Disaster Action Team (DAT) in Walla Walla, responding to local home fires and disasters to support the people who have been impacted.
I also volunteer as instructor within disaster services, training other volunteers how to respond in a time of need. I try to do what I can, whenever and however I am called to help. I recently got accepted in the Nursing program at Walla Walla Community college and hope to be able to volunteer in that capacity in the future.
Volunteering with the Red Cross gives me a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.  I am honored to know the wonderful people I volunteer with. I will continue to support and help in whatever capacity I can.
I love to help others who are in need.

Join Karene as a volunteer with the American Red Cross!


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