Rocky FongI first joined the Red Cross when I was in middle school back in Hong Kong.

It inspired me to see volunteers always respond with aid when it was needed, almost like summoning heroes — I wanted to be part of that as well.

As I grew older and gained a better understanding of the mission, along with all the things Red Cross does locally and around the world, it drew me in even more.

I want to give back what I can in addition to volunteering, such as being certified in both CPR and first aid, bringing awareness of disaster preparedness to the general public, and encouraging people to donate blood.

The selfless, people-concentrated focus that the Red Cross has really gives me huge motivation to support this organization.

Without our help and volunteer efforts, the Red Cross would not be able to do all the amazing things they accomplish on a daily basis — especially supporting those on the front line serving the mission. That is the very foundation of why I keep volunteering with Red Cross.  It also aligns with my passion and interest in giving back to the community we live in, making a difference to those in need based on our own capacity — regardless if the effort is big or small.

Previously I volunteered with Red Cross through some of the volunteering initiatives at U.S. Bank.  Since I joined the American Red Cross of King County Board in 2016, I also serve the organization as an advocate, seeking additional support from local organizations, community leaders, and corporations for various ongoing campaigns.

I also do outreach and build rapport with American Red Cross staff and volunteers, learn and celebrate what they do and have achieved, and help them tell their story as well.  All these efforts not only make me feel great and warm inside, but also a great sense of fulfillment and pride which is not something that can be measured physically.

On a personal level, not only was I able to learn a lot of benefit skill sets and knowledge that will be helpful in time of crisis, strengthen my leadership and teamwork abilities, but also gain a whole lot more friendships and connections to all that support American Red Cross.

I am honored to be part of the board and represent the organization itself, and look forward to continue to serve this organization in order to support all the amazing staff and volunteers, making significant difference on a daily basis.


You can make a difference in your community by volunteering with the Red Cross.



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